Empower® 3 Individual

For this training we can arrange a training plan tailored to your specific needs. For example, you may wish to transfer the structure of your tables (e.g. in Excel) into Empower or you may need a deeper insight into validation of reports in an GxP environment.You can discuss with us what you need and we can work out a customized training for you.

Some examples of individual requests:

Audit Trail

  • Selection of appropriate parameters for a compact audit trail printout
  • Fixing and protection of the audit trail layout
  • Protection of the audit trail data: disable deletion, overwriting etc.

User administration of the program

  • Explanation of the correlation between user group, user type and user name
  • Create, delete and change user profiles
  • Windows user-profile and user privileges. What can be done with the respective Windows profiles?

Creating reports

  • Adjustment of existing reports
  • Correlation between report printout, method, sequence and management of user privileges
  • How dynamic can a predefined report be designed?
  • Meaningful selection of data in a GxP-report: Header, calibration data, samples and statistics
  • Generating Custom Fields
  • Choosing characteristic decimals for calculations: Traceability for GxP-auditors
  • Manipulation and change protection for reports
  • Proposal for a structured storage of measurements, method and report data

Recommended number of participants: max 10
Requirements: depends on the topic
Duration: minimum 1 day

We would be pleased to answer your questions. Just get in contact to us using our contact form.


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