Empower® 3 Advanced Processing

Use the potential of Empower! In this course the participants learn how to organize samples in Sample Sets and how to use the Integration Events, Peak Grouping and Suitability functions, illustrated with case studies from practical work in the lab.

  • Parameters of the Processing Method
  • Comparison of traditionel and ApexTrack integration
  • Parameters of the Component Table: exercise with case studies
  • The processing of channels with different Processing Methods
  • Peak Grouping and System Suitability functions
  • ICH impurity function
  • Manual integration and reprocessing of results
  • Audit trail functions

Requirements: Empower basic training or adequate knowledge, number of participants: max 10
Included are 10 copies of the training documentation Empower3 – Advanced Processing (62 pages)
Duration: 1 day


Empower 3 Advanced Processing Training PLUS

Included are 7 copies of the training documentation Empower3 – Advanced Processing (62 pages) and 3 copies of Empower3 – A Compact User Guide (400 pages).
Duration: 1 day

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Training Advanced Processing


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