Service around the operation of the software


Incident Management

User Service Desk


Using Empower software in the lab is one thing, running the software is another.

How often is it that an urgent analysis is delayed because an HPLC cannot be connected to Empower and you have to switch to another system? How often does it happen that a password is entered incorrectly and needs to be reset?

Here, too, beyontics has the right solution at hand, our Service Desk. Use the experience that beyontics has gained for more than 10 years in operating an Empower helpdesk for global Empower installations of large pharmaceutical companies tailored to your company.


(Lab-) Business Service

Application-related service around Empower

User Service Desk

Service around the operation of the software


Support in the operation of Empower and its interfaces

Environmental Services

IT infrastructure services

Benefits of the beyontics Empower Helpdesk:

  • Increase in efficiency by reducing system downtime
  • Fastest response through agreed maximum response time
  • Increase in system performance through
    – proactive health checks and analysis of the errors that have occurred
    – Forwarding of major software errors to the manufacturer and their tracking
    – Development of GxP-compliant workarounds for systematic errors
  • Full cost control through scalable SLAs in terms of
    – Size of Empower installation to be maintained
    – Definition of the maximum response time
    – Definition of operational time
  • Periodic business review meetings to fine-tune scaling

Our user service desk can be booked as part of a managed service. Contact us.

Lösungen für mittelständische Unternehmen


As part of our business services, we support you, for example, in creating custom fields and reports or in structuring your Empower projects.

Lösungen für kleine Unternehmen

Managed Services

We provide EDP solutions as an organized solution for a fixed period of time as a specialized provider via an integrated contract.

Knowledge Base

Training, consulting and development.

At this point we would like to share our knowledge with you and hope that the contributions made here will help you in your work with Empower. We want to regularly examine current and interesting aspects, offer topic-related summaries and present general tips when working with Empower.

It is intended to address both Empower beginners and already experienced Empower users. Therefore, both simple help and more detailed information are offered.

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