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Introducing a new CDS, especially when it involves large or global installations, requires a detailed conceptual design of the IT infrastructure. In the case of Empower, this includes various servers, workstations, and communication interfaces to the connected laboratory devices, the LAC/e’s.

Let us help you design and install the CDS.

The next step is the configuration of the software based on the configuration specification. Here, too, we are at your side.

The larger the laboratories, the more IT equipment is needed and must be administered. Especially the number of required LAC/e’s grows with the number of connected measuring stations. To keep these many systems up to date, we have created a solution with our Rhizomer, a web-based deployment tool, to roll out patches or updates to the connected LAC/e’s in a centrally controlled manner. This works for each Lac/e individually or for the entire system without the lab staff noticing anything. When the LAC/e is restarted, the new version is then active.

Should an update lead to problems, a return to the previous version is possible at any time via the built-in rollback function.

Software solutions

beyontics develops its own software products and device drivers that expand the functionality of the Waters Empower® software and meet the requirements of the regulated pharmaceutical environment. Our products provide you with tools that you can use to make your work in the laboratory easier and more efficient: For example, user administration is clear and easy to use, device qualification is child’s play and the transfer of data from one system to the other becomes easier and safer.

Solutions for medium-sized companies


With Rhizomer we developed a solution in which LAC / E computers can be centrally managed from one location. Without the need to be on site or have to do manual configurations.

Support & Helpdesk

beyontics offers a variety of services for your Waters Empower® installation. Beyontics covers the entire life cycle of the application on the one hand and all levels that come into contact with the application on the other.
Solutions for small companies

Incident Management

The use of the Empower software in the laboratory is one side, the operation of the software is the other. beyontics has the right solutions for optimizing laboratory software at hand, our Service Desk.
Solutions for medium-sized companies

Lab Support

As part of our business services, we support you, for example, in creating custom fields and reports or in structuring your Empower projects.

Managed Services

We provide IT solutions as an organized solution for a fixed period of time as a specialized provider via a holistic contract.

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