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IT as just a mean to achieving your goals. Focus on your core business.

For the majority of mid-sized companies, IT problems are not a priority on their agenda. The pressure to develop a competitive and successful core business is already high enough and an increasing number of mid-sized businesses decide to outsource parts of their IT as ready-made solutions. “Managed Services” allows business owners to assign parts of the IT and communication departments to a specialized service provider for a particular time period as a part of a service contract.

Managed services. Reliable and up-to-date at a fixed rate.

Companies can significantly reduce their financial and technological risks and bottle-necks by assigning “Managed Services” to an experienced service provider and enjoying a reliable and up-to-date service. Our beyontics team has taken the mission to make this transition to the IT of the future as easy as possible for our customers. Together with our expertly selected partners, we will provide our customers consulting, planning, and implementation of the “Managed Services”. The transparent capital and operating costs make your financial obligation easy to calculate. The binding Service Level Agreements (SLA) make sure that the customer can check the quality and the availability of the services and resources at any time.

Managed Services for laboratory IT. A special case for specialists.

Chromatography data systems (CDS), with their special requirements as the interface between laboratory and IT and their complex application cases, are difficult to supervise by a general IT-service provider. Our team at beyontics is specialized in the supervision of large networks of Empower chromatography whether it is daily support for the end users, user management and configuration of analytical instruments, or maintenance of the server infrastructure.

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