The compact Empower® 3 manual


More than just online help.
The compact manual for end-users.

The manual provides users of HPLC and GC analysis with the essential knowledge of the software in an easy-to-understand manner. It describes the functions and operation of the software based on Empower® Build 3471 Feature Release 2, equipped with the PDA and System Suitability options.

The manual covers the basic functions as well as configuration and administration topics. In independent chapters, beginners learn everything about the structure of the system, data acquisition, the evaluation of measurement results, and the creation of reports. As a reference book, it supports experienced users in the use of not everyday functions of Empower and contains the necessary information for the configuration and administration of the system, the creation of user-defined database fields, and more.

The current version is the fundamentally revised version of our Empower manual from 2007. It is still suitable for users of an earlier version of Empower, as fundamental changes have not occurred. Functions that have been added with the introduction of Empower® 3 are indicated in the respective section by an Empower® 3 logo in the margin. Numerous digressions offer, in some cases, a deepening of special topics that cannot be found in this form in the Empower online help. In addition, the authors provide answers to questions that are repeatedly posed to us as a service provider for Empower in the context of workshops, training, and user support.

Reading sample Empower 3 manual (3.58 MB)

[…] I already know the Empower Handbook 3 and would also like to express great praise at this point – it is really the only comprehensible literature on this program.

Quote from a customer

Empower 3 – The compact handbook for the end-user, Berlin 2015, 412 pp.

  • fundamental revision and expansion of the content
  • Highlighting new features and changes associated with the move to Empower® 3
  • Digressions in each chapter on special topics and for in-depth study
  • Tips and tricks for everyday use
  • a fundamental revision of the layout to facilitate usability
  • comprehensive index at the end of the manual

The chapters at a glance

  1. Editions and network architecture
  2. Quickstart interface
  3. Project window
  4. Data acquisition
  5. Data evaluation
  6. Reports
  7. Data import and export
  8. Configuration Manager
  9. Custom Fields

The authors

Foto von Arno Simon

Arno Simon

is founder and managing director of beyontics GmbH. As a consultant, trainer, and technical book author, he has been intensively involved with the Waters Empower laboratory data system for many years. He is a training partner of well-known pharmaceutical companies in Germany and abroad, where he has been training users and administrators in operation and configuration of Empower for many years. He supports customers in implementing and updating large Empower installations, including developing concepts and preparing validations. Until 1997, he worked as an employee of Waters GmbH in the areas of service, support, and sales.

Foto von Arno Simon

Ingo Green

has extensive practical experience as a long-time user of the Empower software. As an IT consultant, he has been developing concepts and enhancements for the effective use of the software since 2006 and draws on a wealth of experience in implementing complex solutions using Empower Custom Fields and Empower Reports. Another focus of his work is the administration, support, configuration, and installation of Empower network installations in the regulated pharmaceutical environment.

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Empower 3 manual

Teaserbild: Produkte - Handbuch und Leitfaden

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