Peakprovider 2.0 for Empower


The Peakprovider helps you to evaluate unknown peaks in Empower. A tool with a huge effect.

Der Peakprovider ist besonders geeignet, wenn es eine Vielzahl an unbekannten Peaks in Ihren Chromatogrammen gibt und eine Intersample-Berechnung stattzufinden hat. Mittels eines sorgfältig ausgefeilten Berechnungsalgorithmus bestimmt das Programm Peak-Identifikationskriterien, die auf alle ausgewählten Chromatogramme anwendbar sind – nicht nur für ein einziges. Er ist besonders für die Analytik von komplexen Stoffgemischen mit einer Vielzahl unbekannter Komponenten geeignet. Mit dem Peakprovider werden Ihre Daten über einfache Aufrufe schnell und umfassend bearbeitet.

Take a look at how the PeakProvider works:

Although the software offers powerful tools for calculating known peaks, it is often necessary to quantify the unknown peaks when analyzing unknown mixtures of substances. In order to obtain an unambiguous assignment here, the only option is to name all the peaks of a chromatogram. The Peakprovider independently inserts these unknown peaks into the Component Table of your processing method. By means of a user-defined selection of certain chromatograms, the Peakprovider enables the automated addition of new components to an already existing evaluation method. No peaks are overwritten that have already been entered into the component table by the user, but the peaks found are supplemented with systematic names.

The individual functions at a glance

  • integrated into Empower – easy operation
  • automatic assignment of unknown peaks by the relative or the absolute retention time
  • simple calculation of mean values for the same unknown components from different injections
  • automatic calculation of statistics, such as the summation of area values or averaging over multiple injections for all peaks present in the chromatogram in report tables

NEW in Peakprovider 2.0

  • The new Automatic Peak Identification Algorithm automatically determines the optimal parameters for unique peak assignment based on the chromatograms.
  • In addition to retention time, any Peak Custom Field can be used for mapping.
  • The peak name used can be freely configured.

User Guide PeakProvider 2.0 (225.08 kB)

Release Notes PP 2.0 (168.62 kB)

beyontics-PeakProvider (971.09 kB)

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