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The Empower SOP Box

The creation of SOPs for the operation of Empower requires a particularly high level of experience in the use of the software. In addition to understanding how Empower works, the processes in the laboratory and the regulatory requirements, in particular, provide the framework here.

Included in the box are templates for the following SOPs:

✓ SOP1 Application of Empower

✓ SOP2 Doublecheck in Empower plus Checklist

✓ SOP3 Operational Audit Trail Review in Empower plus Checklist

✓ SOP4 Validation of Empower Reports

✓ SOP5 Validation of Empower Custom Fields

✓ SOP6 Administration of Empower

Our products

Teaserbild: Produkte - Handbuch und Leitfaden

Empower 3 manual

Teaserbild: Produkte - Handbuch und Leitfaden

Empower 3 Custom Fields Guideline

Lösungen für mittelständische Unternehmen

CIQ – Customised Instrument Qualification

Peakprovider 2.0 for Empower

CLEAR – Efficient Result- and Audit Trail-Reviews

Lösungen für mittelständische Unternehmen

CUT – Content Uniformity Template

LEI – LabX-Empower-Integration

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