LEI – LabX-Empower-Integration – the next step towards an efficient and paperless lab


LabX-Empower-Integration (LEI) integrates the balance software into Empower.

Every chromatography requires weighing.

That means anyone using Waters Empower needs to weigh standards and samples.
A process with extensive documentation and above all: lots of numbers!

Bring your Waters Empower System and LabX by Mettler-Toledo together

Already using Sample Set Methods in Empower? Great! The LabX-Empower-Integration (LEI) creates the appropriate weighing tasks in LabX for you. And after the weighing process, transfers the values ​​back into the correct fields of your Empower Sample Set Method.

More than just a transfer of values: the beyontics LabX-Empower-Integration

LEI is more than just a replacement for weighing notes and manual entries. Because after the data has been recorded and evaluated, the generated Empower Results must be subjected to a review. One check point is the comparison of the weight values and sample weights used against the test report.

beyontics LabX-Empower-Integration does the double check!

With one mouse click, the LabX-Empower-Integration compares the values ​​used against the LabX database and provides the Empower result with a pass/fail statement. One look is enough and the review step is done.

Your Advantages & Possibilities

  • Launch LabX-Empower-Integration directly from Empower. As a ToolKit, LEI is fully integrated into Empower.
  • There is no administrative effort necessary, as the Empower user administration is taken over by LEI.
  • The LabX-Empower-Integration is designed for the pharmaceutical lab and is compliant with regulatory requirements.
  • The LEI process is practical and intuitive. Supported by a detailed manual, every Empower user is immediately able to carry out an analysis independently.
  • All data is automatically transferred between LabX and Empower through LEI. Banish manual data transfers and save yourself time-consuming double checks.
  • Speed ​​up your analytics and avoid errors. LEI creates Sample Set Methods and LabX Tasks for you independently.
  • Take the next step towards the paperless lab.

LabX-Empower-Integration in brief

The LabX Empower Integration (LEI) is a ToolKit app launched from an Empower project.

1. Create a Sample Set Method and determine the number of samples.

2. The Sample Set Method is created by LEI and saved in the project.

3. Tasks are created in LabX based on the created Sample Set Method.

4. The tasks can be executed by the creator and the weights are transmitted to Empower3 via LEI.

5. The data is automatically assigned to the references and samples via “Weight Transfer”. This means that a manual check is not necessary anymore.

6. In addition to the weight, all necessary additional information, such as e.g. the scale used and batch number are automatically transferred.

7. With the LEI-function “Weight Verification” you achieve maximum data integrity for your weighing. Subsequent changes in the sample set are indicated by LEI.

Our services

  • Project support during implementation
  • Training of administrators and lab staff on how to use the LabX-Empower-Integration
  • Support for creating the Master Sample Set Methods
  • Ongoing support for LabX-Empower-Integration

Our products

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Teaserbild: Produkte - Handbuch und Leitfaden

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Lösungen für mittelständische Unternehmen

CIQ – Customised Instrument Qualification

Peakprovider 2.0 for Empower

CLEAR – Efficient Result- and Audit Trail-Reviews

Lösungen für mittelständische Unternehmen

CUT – Content Uniformity Template

LEI – LabX-Empower-Integration

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