Empower® 3 Custom Fields Guide


Empower made to measure with the practical guide to Custom Fields.

With the Practical Guide to Custom Fields, beyontics continues its successful series of Empower application documentation.

The Practical Guide to Custom Fields is suitable as a reference work for users who have already gained experience in creating custom fields, but it is also suitable for self-study to gain a comprehensive introduction to the subject.

Section by section, requirements are described as they may arise from test specifications in the analytical laboratory. The concrete implementation using Empower Custom Fields is shown and explained. Prerequisites for correct functioning are defined. Further examples for the individual field types are given. In this way, a large number of possible applications are already shown, and a broad spectrum of use cases is provided.

The content at a glance

  • Data types, field types, operators, and functions
  • Creation of input fields and selection lists
  • Definition of calculations in Peak and Result fields
  • Summary Custom Fields
  • Use of Boolean variables
  • Intersample calculations
  • ENUM calculations
  • Use of text strings

This guide is given to participants in beyontics Custom Field training courses but can also be obtained directly from our website without training.

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