labSuite 3.1 for Empower

Extracting unutilized information from your data.

beyontics labSuite allows for an unknown evaluation of your Empower data through all projects and systems. With a more flexible and extended use of the information in your database new dimensions for the control and handling of your chromatography are provided.

beyontics labSuite 3.1: New dimensions in modern laboratory management.

From the decrease of costs for investments of new instruments to the monitoring over the project size, the work load of columns and systems – the labSuite offers a wide range of features for an efficient lab management.

You need to:

  • improve use of existing instruments?
  • justify purchase of new instruments?
  • detect a potential of saving resources and costs?
  • get quick answers during an audit?
  • reveal orphan data?

labSuite will assist in answering these questions by extracting unutilized information out of your Empower data. Queries can easily be conducted through all Empower projects supplying you with valuable data for an improved lab management.

labSuite gathers all information even for already archived or deleted data in its data warehouse.

A Single Suite. Several Modules.

System Utilization

As a business intelligence tool, this module can provide important information about the usage of analytical instruments. The usage rate can be determined for only a single, but also for a selection of several defined instruments applying a period of observation. In this way, idle times can be detected. Combined with a gap time definition feature (system preparation or the interval between two runs) instrument uptime can be evaluated with labSuite, what allows fort he monitoring oft he system usage time. Results of an evaluation can be presented either by numbers in a table or by a chart plot.

Injection Tracking and Sample Set Tracking

These two features let you track Sample Sets or injections acquired by Empower over all projects and systems. All fields describing sample can be evaluated including custom fields.

Thus, labSuite can also replace instrument or column log files and allows – by a simple mouse click – for the tracking of chromatographic systems used for the analysis of specific sample batches. Query results can be sorted, filtered and grouped as required. The outcome can be reported either by a table or a chart view.

A few clicks. A range of benefits.

beyontics labSuite 3.1. The solution for modern laboratory management.

  • Being applicable on all data, even on deleted or archived ones
  • Replacing log files for column and system usage
  • Queries for sample information can freely be configured by the user for defined Empower projects
  • Presenting the number of injections on a system since the last maintenance 
  • Indicating SampleSets per system in chronological order
  • Export query results as pdf or.xls file

beyontics labSuite 3.1. Some technical background.

All sample information is uploaded from the Empower database and transferred to the labSuite data warehouse. As no result and audit trail data is transferred the storage capacity needed for the data warehouse represents only a fraction of the data storage in the Empower database. The data warehouse is updated by routine, taking into account any modification made in Empower. In this way, data which has been deleted or archived in Empower, is preserved in the labSuite database. Thus, availability of all sample data is realized. As only information is read out from the Empower database, original data remain untouched and secure at its origin. Data security is not concerned to any extent.


labSuite is based on a data warehouse what makes it possible to read out unutilized information from Empower without changing the data. This means, the software is consolidating all data connected to a Sample Set or injection from a complete Empower system in one database. A relational database lets you perform queries through all projects and systems of one Empower installation or of several instances as a single point of information. labSuite works with an embedded Oracle database.

labSuite meets the requirements for the regulated environment in pharmaceutical industries.

Implementation aspects. Fitting your requirements.

A dedicated server hardware for labSuite Server is required. The Empower Client and labSuite Client must be installed on the same machine. As the labSuite data queries depend on the actual Empower database version and Server setup at the customers‘ site, continuous advancements of the product is an ongoing task. Please contact us for getting information to get product support information for your specific infrastructure.

Request information

To give you a fast and uncomplicated start with your labSuite, our expert team will conduct you through the installation process by on-site or remote support.

labSuite is provided with a support and maintenance contract. In addition, we can offer a package that assists during product implementation.

User Guide LabSuite 3.1

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