Empower 3 LAC/E handling made easy –beyontics Rhizomer 2.0

This is how it all started: One of our longstanding customers faced the great challenge of updating a global Empower network with around 1,000 LAC/E computers from Empower 2 to Empower 3 with just two employees. Since the change was also accompanied by the change of the operating system from Windows XP to Windows 7, this task could not be solved with conventional methods.
In addition to the time requirement, another hurdle was that qualified personnel were not available at all of the 13 locations worldwide for the necessary manual steps.

Together with Rhizomer we developed a solution in which LAC/E computers can be centrally managed from one place. Without the need to be on site or to do manual configurations.

What are the advantages of Rhizomer?

Central administration

Reduce your administrative effort and costs. You need less qualified staff on site and save on training and travel expenses.

Save time

The update of a LAC/E does not take long, typical for current computers are about 20 minutes. This allows z. B. Updates can be implemented without having a major impact on laboratory operation. In this way, you can quickly introduce new device series or functions in the laboratory and increase your productivity.
Even if a LAC/E computer is defective, it can be restored very quickly. Downtime in the laboratory is significantly reduced.

Rollback on errors

Mistakes happen! Unfortunately, Empower does not allow you to uninstall an update easily. In fact, a new installation must always be carried out in the event of an error. This is a time-consuming step that has to be initiated manually. Rhizomer includes a rollback function that takes you back to the previous version in a few seconds.


Rhizomer allows continuous monitoring of the LAC/E computers. A clear dashboard shows the state of the LAC/E computers and allows the configuration to be called up. If you make changes, this Rhizomer Audit Trail will be recorded and documented.
Thanks to an electronic device LOG, you reach the next level on the way to a paperless laboratory.


Rhizomer is compatible with all custom environments. Different regions or laboratories can also be configured individually for global networks. This offers the necessary flexibility and can reduce your network traffic. Rhizomer provides the infrastructure for your installation without restricting you. You can install any software. This means that Rhizomer also fits into your company network.

Securing your configuration

The LAC/E computer also stores information on the configuration of your instrument network, your connected devices and their configuration locally. In the event of a failure or a new installation, these have to be laboriously restored. To avoid this, Rhizomer regularly backs up this information and is thus able to completely restore a LAC/Econfiguration in the event of a failure.


So far, you had to spend a lot of time before each update to consider how the software should be rolled out, the process documented and the installation validated? When you switch to Rhizomer, you get a comprehensive concept that frees you from this task. Every rollout with Rhizomer works on the same principle, whether it’s a simple driver update or a change to a new operating system.

Read our bilingual brochure “How to bring software to the lab” to learn more about Rhizomer.
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Empower 3 LAC/E handling made easy –beyontics Rhizomer 2.0

This is how it all started: One of our longstanding customers faced the great challenge of ...
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