Requirements Analysis

Custom Development at beyontics. Wie provide efficiency and safety.

With new technological advances and increasing requirements in the laboratory field, the expectations towards the performance of your CDS are constantly growing. Nowadays, optimized working procedures with respect to data transparency, reliable documentation and method efficiency are more important than ever. beyontics develops solutions that fit your specific requirements. Our experts expand the installations of Empower®  with the exact functionality that you need for higher performance and efficiency.

Thus, we minimize calculation effort and increase reliability.

  • CDS add-ons as Empower Toolkit application
  • Customization by creating report templates and additional database fields

In a regulated environment, the traceability and documentation reliability are key topics that have a significant effect on the laboratory day-to-day routine. Where data evaluation and calculations using spreadsheet software reach their limits and the high probability of errors in data transfer becomes a problem, beyontics offers new possibilities for expanding the functionality of your Empower.

Defining User Requirements. Fulfilling Desires.

You want to simplify your processes or you need a solution for a problem of your laboratory? We are going to analyze the problem and help you defining the actual requirements. Typical question can be for example:

  • In the in-process control you want to use data right after it was calculated in Empower and transfer the results to another system for further evaluation.
  • Empower installations from two different locations must be combined into one. In the regulated environment you must make sure that the data migration is not causing a loss of data.

Often in the beginning there is only a fundamental concept or a vague idea for a solution built in a whatever way possible. At this point, our experts can already support you with formulating this idea, presenting possibilities to implement it, listing pros and cons, and indicating often overlooked risks or unknown aspects. In this way, you will be able to thoroughly consider and clearly express your requirements.

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