Quality Aspects

Test and validation. A standard at beyontics.

Software products must already be tested during their development or rather developed GMP compliant and validated according to their intended purpose. The tests have an importance that must not be underestimated. beyontics is strongly dedicated to this.

However, testing involves a lot of effort and can significantly delay the development phase of a product. As a result, beyontics has decided to implement automated testing procedures, which can be applied already in the early stages of the development phase, leading to increased quality of the product and decreased time of development.

If a retrospective validation of a product is required, the requirements with respect to documentation, to the thoroughness of the tests and the testing procedures can vary significantly according to the area of implementation and the client’s standards. Therefore, beyontics has developed internal standards, that aim for satisfying the requirements of the regulated environment of the pharmaceutical industry.

Individual procedures. We make it possible.

We at beyontics are prepared to customize all test- and validation procedures to your specific requirements:

You want to perform the acceptance tests yourself?
-> We will gladly support you in the development of suitable testing procedures
You want us to perform the tests, using your established process?
-> We will gladly use your document templates to describe the testing procedures and we will perform the tests at your site or in our testing laboratory
You accept the standards of beyontics and do not need any individual customization, but you want to delegate the whole testing process to beyontics?
-> We will take care of the validation and will certify the GMP compliant development. Upon request, we can send you the validation documentation as a scanned copy for your future reference.

Qualified team. We are the right partner.

We have a team of developers with many years of experience in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. But we do not settle for this. We focus on a continuous qualification of our team through internal instructions and external eduction at other software companies. By this, we can provide a relevant up-to-date knowledge from the field of laboratory informatics. In addition our consultant team support with the relevant business knowhow.

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