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Many analytical challenges from the laboratory routine can be solved by the functionality of the Empower® software and their respective Custom Fields. Such a solution is easy to use, involves only a small validation effort and is characterized by a simple implementation.

As a result, they provide an excellent opportunity for the development of simple tailor-made solutions. Besides for creating user-defined methods, they can be used to automate laboratory processes like instrument qualification, dissolution and content uniformity tests, or to create universal reports.

Our experts can support you with their experience and technical knowledge in expanding the CDS functions using report templates and user-specified fields or you can delegate to beyontics the task of implementing a tailor-made solution for your laboratory.

Empower 3 LAC/E handling made easy –beyontics Rhizomer 2.0

This is how it all started: One of our longstanding customers faced the great challenge of ...
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