Empower® Toolkit Applications. We take care of the integration.

Up to now CDS were used as stand-alone systems, but with the increasing importance of integration of different software systems, a laboratory network becomes essential. For example, a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) sends the daily tasks to the laboratory, where they are processed by CDS. The data must then be evaluated and returned to the LIMS. A connection between LIMS, CDS, ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook), and SDMS (Scientific Data Management System) avoids having to transfer data manually and offers a significant potential for saving time and increasing data security.

Waters offers the Empower Toolkit for attaching extensions to Empower®. The experts at beyontics have the relevant experience and programming knowledge, needed to program applications with practically unlimited possibilities.

Well-founded know-how. We are the experts.

When creating such substantial software solutions, not only solid programming skills are required, but also an understanding for the user-requirements and the applicable norms and standards. Only in this way we can make sure that the new applications will be well-met by the laboratory staff and will fulfill the requirements of the regulated environment. Our experts have not only the understanding of the laboratory routines, but also all the required knowledge to connect the software to Empower® and perform the required validation and documentation.

Lots of successful solutions for our clients prove the importance of this knowledge and experience. Just convince yourself:

Case Studies

Empower 3 LAC/E handling made easy –beyontics Rhizomer 2.0

This is how it all started: One of our longstanding customers faced the great challenge of ...
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