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Empower® Toolkit solutions are for example custom back-up concepts or import interfaces for sample sequences. In addition, expansions of the functionality can be created, that are otherwise too complex for a Custom Fields solution. As an example here we can give the beyontics Peak Provider 2.0, a tool for consistently naming unknown peaks across a whole sample set, based on retention time ranges or relative retention times.

Another very special solution, in which the Empower® Toolkit interface serves only as a gateway for a very complex tailor-made solution is the PM Automated System. We can give it as an example to illustrate how diverse our solutions can be.

PM Automated System
The production steps in the pharmaceutical production must be constantly supervised. Regular samples must be taken and analyzed during the production process. Based on these analyses, it must be decided if the production steps are running according to plan, need adjustment, or need to be completely interrupted. It is required that the results of these analyses are available as soon as possible, so that the production process does not slow down. Therefore, automatization in this field is an essential topic.

In this particular case, two weighing scales, a special liquid sampler, a dilution system and an HPLC that is operated by Empower® are connected together. The goal was, that the samples were weighed, dissolved, prepared, and finally measured with as little as possible interaction by the laboratory staff. After the measurement is complete, the relevant data must be transferred from Empower® to an Excel® sheet. An evaluation then determines whether specific limits were maintained and whether the production can continue. The results must be also printed in the form of a report. In case of a deviation, the automated system is locked and the user is required to contact an authorized person.

The PM automated system from beyontics serves as a custom developed connection between the different elements that are part of this complex process. The connection with Empower® was done through the Toolkit interface. A further advantage of this implementation was, that the laboratory staff did not need to operate Empower® themselves and therefore were not required to have experience with the software. The personnel only need to create the sample and receives a report of the evaluated results.


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