Our Mission

Cooperation as an enrichment. Thus we provide individual solutions.

We consider our clients our partners. In our point of view, collaboration is a mutual enrichment – we learn from our partners and our partners learn from us. This is true not only for large pharmaceutical companies, but also for small laboratories.

Efficient systems, safe products. Now and for the future.

Beyontics was founded in 1997 with the aim to offer implementation of current analytical laboratory methods in emerging modern data systems. Early on, the company focused on developing a training concept that would explain the software functionality in the context of the laboratory processes. Specific use case examples from the client’s own laboratories are always an integral part of our training courses. In this way, the users gain hands on experience with the software tools, that extends beyond today’s tasks and prepares them to tackle any future challenges. Since then, thousands of people worldwide were trained by beyontics to successfully use the best available data systems.

Labinformatics. This is our expertise.

Since 2003, beyontics started to support users in the Life Sciences laboratory. Practically oriented training can be used to gain knowledge, but experience counts, too. For this reason, companies bring the beyontics consultants in their laboratories. Because large companies need experienced advice in many areas, we offer our clients on-site support as a service. Leading pharmaceutical companies rely for years on our support.

Safe data, well-founded result evaluation. We develop the programs.

Since 2007, beyontics started to develop software. In our headquarters in Berlin, we create customized software extensions and applications on behalf of our clients and our own software packages. The combination of highly-qualified software developers, modern test laboratories and experienced laboratory professionals allows us to find solutions for all types of challenges:

  • We implement software interfaces that make the error-prone and time-consuming manual data transfer obsolete
  • We create extensions that save time in the result evaluation by automatically detecting and naming chromatographic peaks
  • We develop mathematical models to evaluate the error caused by peaks that are not baseline resolved
  • We deliver methods for automatic instrument qualification of chromatographic systems

All of these improve the safety of your data and facilitate the data evaluation.

Innovative laboratory consulting. We support on-site.

Beyontics is constantly growing and expanding its field of work. With opening local affiliates, we get closer to our clients and support them worldwide in improving their individual operations.
Here, we pursue always one objective: The most efficient use of laboratory data systems – always with the aim to make results more reliable and products more secure.

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