Empower® 3 Basics

This course is especially suited for beginners and provides an insight in the the theoretical background and the principles of the software. The participants will be trained in recording and evaluating chromatographic data, creating projects and developing processing methods. All software functions are explained with respect to the specific requirements of a GxP laboratory regarding… Read more »

Empower® 3 Advanced Processing

Use the potential of Empower! In this course the participants learn how to organize samples in Sample Sets and how to use the Integration Events, Peak Grouping and Suitability functions, illustrated with case studies from practical work in the lab. Parameters of the Processing Method Comparison of traditionel and ApexTrack integration Parameters of the Component… Read more »

Empower® 3 Custom Fields

Custom Fields are database fields, which can be created by the user in order to implement user-defined calculations in Empower or to create space for additional data input. This training illustrates the use of Custom Fields with several examples and presents solutions that cover the most common applications. The participants will gain a solid understanding… Read more »

Empower® 3 Report

The course starts with an introduction of the different options for report layout. Different reports are then created with the Report Publisher. Finally, the functions for data selection and grouping are explained along with the fine adjustment of plots. Overview Report Publisher Generating reports for single results General considerations concerning Summary Reports Creating Summary Reports… Read more »

Empower® 3 Diode Array Option

This course teaches the use of Waters or Agilent diode-array detectors (DAD), presenting several different options for data acquisition and evaluation. The course trains the basic knowledge of the diode-array detection, the creation of Instrument Methods and spectral libraries, as well as the handling of peak purity. Technical structure and parameters of the Instrument Method… Read more »

Empower® 3 Individual

For this training we can arrange a training plan tailored to your specific needs. For example, you may wish to transfer the structure of your tables (e.g. in Excel) into Empower or you may need a deeper insight into validation of reports in an GxP environment.You can discuss with us what you need and we can… Read more »