Empower 3 LAC/E handling made easy –beyontics Rhizomer 2.0

This is how it all started: One of our longstanding customers faced the great challenge of updating a global Empower network with around 1,000 LAC/E computers from Empower 2 to Empower 3 with just two employees. Since the change was also accompanied by the change of the operating system from Windows XP to Windows 7,… Read more »

Empower® 3 Tutorial – Custom Fields

With the Custom Field Tutorial beyontics continues the successful collection of operational documents for Empower. The Custom Field Tutorial is proper as a reference work for users who already have first practical experience in creating custom fields and as self-study guide for users who need a first comprehensive introduction into this subject. Chapter by chapter… Read more »

labSuite 3.1 for Empower

Extracting unutilized information from your data. beyontics labSuite allows for an unknown evaluation of your Empower data through all projects and systems. With a more flexible and extended use of the information in your database new dimensions for the control and handling of your chromatography are provided. beyontics labSuite 3.1: New dimensions in modern laboratory… Read more »

CIQ – Customised Instrument Qualification

beyontics CIQ – Customised instrument qualification with full respect to regulatory demands. Customised and harmonized. In contrast with most instrument qualification software programs, beyontics CIQ takes into account the analytical work of your lab, providing harmonised test procedures, instead of following different specifications from various equipment manufacturers. Full integration into your present CDS. beyontics CIQ… Read more »

Peakprovider 2.0 for Empower

The Peakprovider assists in evaluating unknown peaks in Empower. A tool having a huge effect. When having lots of unknown peaks in your data, difficulties might occur when defining suitable peak tables in your processing method. Without these entries intersample calculations would not be possible. Creating the best matching peak entries takes time and might… Read more »

Empower® 3 Manual

More than an online-help. The compact user guide for Empower®3. The manual imparts the essential knowledge of the Empower software to users of HPLC or GC analytics in an intelligible manner. It describes functions and operation of the software, based on Empower Build 3471 Feature Release 2, including the options PDA and system suitability. The… Read more »