Requirements Analysis

Custom Development at beyontics. Wie provide efficiency and safety. With new technological advances and increasing requirements in the laboratory field, the expectations towards the performance of your CDS are constantly growing. Nowadays, optimized working procedures with respect to data transparency, reliable documentation and method efficiency are more important than ever. beyontics develops solutions that fit… Read more »

Case Studies CDS Add-Ons

Empower Empower® Toolkit solutions are for example custom back-up concepts or import interfaces for sample sequences. In addition, expansions of the functionality can be created, that are otherwise too complex for a Custom Fields solution. As an example here we can give the beyontics Peak Provider 2.0, a tool for consistently naming unknown peaks across… Read more »


New functionalities. We can provide assistance. Many analytical challenges from the laboratory routine can be solved by the functionality of the Empower® software and their respective Custom Fields. Such a solution is easy to use, involves only a small validation effort and is characterized by a simple implementation. As a result, they provide an excellent… Read more »


Empower® Toolkit Applications. We take care of the integration. Up to now CDS were used as stand-alone systems, but with the increasing importance of integration of different software systems, a laboratory network becomes essential. For example, a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) sends the daily tasks to the laboratory, where they are processed by CDS…. Read more »

Quality Aspects

Test and validation. A standard at beyontics. Software products must already be tested during their development or rather developed GMP compliant and validated according to their intended purpose. The tests have an importance that must not be underestimated. beyontics is strongly dedicated to this. However, testing involves a lot of effort and can significantly delay the development… Read more »

Technologies & Procedures

Agile Development. We rely on SCRUM. With SCRUM we have implemented an industrial standard that is recognized already for many years. A continuous quality review takes place in SCRUM during the complete development process. During the traditional development process the following problems often occur: In the beginning, the client has only a rough idea, which… Read more »