We make laboratory data systems in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors more efficient and reliable to use.


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between laboratory and software

This is how we support our customers in manufacturing safe products. That is our mission.

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and development.

beyontics helps to map the requirements of the laboratory optimally in the software. Our customers benefit from the technical expertise of our employees and our deep understanding of software from many years of experience with applications in laboratory informatics.

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In addition to our expertise,
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Our offer is highly specialized
and unique. There is no standard procedure:
we look after you flexibly,
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specific requirements and needs.

Solutions for every
Company size

Regardless of whether you are a small company, a medium-sized business, or a corporate group. With our customized solutions, you are always on the right track.

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up to 50 employees

up to 1000 employees

Companies/groups with more than 1000 employees

Solutions matching
to the business unit

You are a laboratory employee, a manager responsible for the quality in the IT area. We have suitable solutions for the respective divisions.

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Solutions for
Laboratory employees

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Solutions for
Quality Management

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Solutions for
IT employees

Solutions according to
Area of interest

Do you need general support as an SME, quick technical support, or help to merge data from several different sources?

SME – Solutions

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Support / Helpdesk

Data Integrity

Manual Empower 3

“[…]I already know the Empower Handbook 3 and would also like to express great praise at this point – it is the only comprehensible literature on this program.” (Quote from a customer)

More than just online help. The compact Empower 3 manual for end-users.

The manual provides HPLC and GC analysis users with the essential knowledge of the software in an easy-to-understand manner. It describes the functions and operation of the software based on Empower® Build 3471 Feature Release 2, equipped with the PDA and System Suitability options.

Knowledge Base

Training, consulting, and development.

At this point, we would like to share our knowledge with you and hope that the articles posted here will help you in your work with Empower. We want to regularly review current and exciting aspects, offer topic-related summaries, and present general tips when working with Empower. The aim is to address both the Empower beginner and the already experienced Empower user. Therefore, both simple help and thematically more in-depth information will be offered.

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